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LotR Stillness


Lotr Stillness
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lotrstillness is a non-animated Lord of the Rings icontest. We will be using screen captures from the Peter Jackson movie interpretation, but may occassionally use official artwork from the novels.
Header Layout graphics made by september_icons
Profile Header made by mercury_phoenix

The Moderators of the community are:
erunameundomiel & utkari02
Previous moderators:
khallandra, ladyelleth and spitefairy

1) Icons cannot be animated.
2) Icons may only use the screen captures provided, no other photos may be added with the exception of brushes, textures and stock images.
3) Members may submit only one icon per challenge.
4) Icons must fit into LJ Icon Standards: A userpic must be a image file in the .gif, .jpg, or .png formats. It can be no larger than 100x100 pixels, and the file size cannot be greater than 40kb.
5) Icons must reflect the spirit and the ratings of the movies, meaning no flat out hate icons and the icons must be PG-13 or under.
6) All entries must be icons newly made specifically for this challenge, you may not enter old icons using the same screen capture.
7) Entries must remain anonymous, you cannot post them anywhere else before the Winners are announced. You may not ask for other people to vote for you. Note: people who watch the community should also not tell others to vote for a specific icon, because it gives an unfair advantage.
8) When you vote you must vote for exactly three icons and you may not vote for yourself.
8) Icons must be submitted in a comment to the challenge post by the deadline and abide by all of the rules or they will not be included.


Entries will be accepted all week (M-Sunday), and voting will take place on Sunday or Monday. Winners will be announced on Wednesday and a new base will be announced on Sunday or Monday. Banners will be made each week for the winners.

Banner Makers:

kiwi28 :: mad_server :: arbuus

Previous banner makers:

:: __kali__ :: mask_of_silence :: raynala :: beeej ::
:: gone_crazy19 :: acharne :: ladyelleth :: trust_your_lust

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